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Security Token Exchange Software Development

In order to facilitate your own security token holders, you need to give them a robust exchange using which they can exchange their tokens without any snags or challenges. This makes Security Token Exchange Software Development essential if you are planning to launch your own STO. In compliance with all the regulations, this particular platform has also to be more secure and faster. The basic properties of security tokens make them more attractive to hackers, therefore, the onus is on you to provide your holders the best exchange mechanism.

Coin Developer India makes it easy for you to have an STO Exchange Platform Development. We use the best technology for creating this application and team is well aware of the regulations which are complied in Security Tokens. We ensure that users do not face any kind of issues while exchanging tokens and equip the platform with all the features that make it great end-product for every user. Our team takes care of all technical complications as well as the adherence to strictures laid down by bodies like SEC, we ensure that you face no issues in exchanging STOs.

STO Exchange Development Features

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Any Language

Platform available in multiple languages makes your service highly accessible for a large number of people. We include all the major international languages such Russian, German, French, Mandarin and Arabic etc. Languages are integrated in the core mechanism of the software and makes the functionality easier for everyone.

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Payment Gateway Integration

The most important part of any exchange platform, it allows the users buy and sell currencies through various modes of payment. With this integration, the ecosystem is completed and get a full-fledged form. Therefore, cutting edge technology is used for creating this gateway and to make it much more useful.

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Fund Management

With integrated wallets, transactions can be managed in a very secure and automated manner. The processing features make the usage of fiat currency very effective at every stage without having any impact on interfaces. This feature bring high level of efficiency and transparency which works for every user.

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Escrow System

Frequent transaction between buyers and buyers can be lost, it can further be a cause for a big dispute. For avoiding this situation an escrow system is introduced which keeps track of all the transactions happened between the two parties. With our technology, we ensure that the processing time of recording is kept at minimum.

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All Currency Transactions

This is indeed a great feature which lets the users integrate any currency they want. Using the security token exchange software, it is made possible for the users to involve Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any other fiat currency. The mechanism ensures all the currencies can co-exist and their identity is sorted for no complications.

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Security Exchange Platform

The inclusion of BAF Security Exchange Platform makes the whole the process very easy for your token holder by allowing to create their own security token exchange. It ensures that they are connected to the main network and the liquidity is also in place. It aims at reducing the gap between the users and business owners.

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Connection to External Exchange

This takes the functionality of your platform to the next level, it results in the increase of liquidity and mingling of API with external security ATS exchanges. It creates a fine balance of security token deposit in external accounts with liquidity that is automatically adjusted. With every new transaction, the balance is newly updated.

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Order Matching

It is expertly done with BAF matching engine and pairs order among buyers and sellers without any fault. It also takes care of limited orders and the best market price quoted by the sellers.

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24/7 Support

The platform is designed to keep the support channels open 24/7, this is a great help when you want to run an exchange platform successfully. There are different channels added for providing the support to your users, the CRM software makes sure that you are handle chats, emails or calls with issue resolution in minimum time.

Benefits of Security Exchange Platform

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Optimal Customization

Customizing platform exchanges and making it appropriate according to the requirement of the users. Taking care of every aspect and needs of users, developing the whole architecture with a effective results that would suffice everyone. Our team ensures that all the specs are done to generate productive results at the end of the day.

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99.9% Uptime

The technical aspects including the encryption protocols, security mechanisms and the optimizing of framework ensures user get the maximum uptime. The deployment of Distributed Server Architecture, DNS Failover and Geo IP Routing makes sure that no task gets slow, together they all produce instant response to every action.

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Extremely Secure

Security is given the utmost attention considering the fact that it is going to used for exchanging currencies. Integration of cutting-edge technologies such as Content Security Policy (CSP), DDOS protection, 2-step verification, offline VPN transmittal and X-XXS protection ensures that the platform does not get compromised at all.

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