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Crypto Exchange Development Services

Next Gen. Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Coin Developer India provides crypto exchange development services which are compatible with all the global markets and standards. We develop cryptocurrency exchange softwares which can deliver fastest computation with intuitive mechanism which automatically detects the users' behavior and optimize the process. Crypto exchange software development has been steadily evolving for last couple of years and there are few who have mastered it. Coin Developer is among those who have outdone themselves and pioneered a new pathway for aspiring developers.

We have mavens who know the ins and outs of exchange software development. We have developed softwares which not only assisted customers but enhanced the business with the wittiest solutions. Our process of development involves rigorous phases of research and testing which makes the end-product perfect. It is not just the business that we seek, but we try to improve our own skills and become better to superior which we already are. The technology and tactics that we use are advanced as everyone else's, but our approach to perfection makes the softwares stand apart.

Type of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Centralized Crypto Exchange Centralized Crypto Exchange

Centralized Crypto Exchange

Creating exchanges with an edge of accretive measures approved by the industry.

Decentralized Crypto Exchange Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Applications that can augment the results with the platform support of blockchain.

Whitelabel Crypto Exchange Whitelabel Crypto Exchange

Whitelabel Crypto Exchange

Crypto wallets which can secure every transaction with foolproof security and swiftness.

Our Crypto Exchange Development Services

BAF Exchange Platform BAF Exchange Platform

Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange

Giving you the choice of getting into the business instantly with an off-the-rack solution that works with the best results for your crypto-based venture.

ICO Development ICO Development

IEO Integrated Exchange

Making your platform ready to support the new wave which makes you a better choice for all those project owners that believe in the new concept.

Roadmapt Roadmap

One-page Exchange Development

Everything would be available on a single page for your users and it will be the major USP for your platform which would be sweepingly popular.

Technology Setup Technology Setup

Exchange Mobile App Development

Make your platform available on phone as well and help them adapt the trading very conveniently, it makes buying and selling very quick for traders.

Blockchain Integration Blockchain Integration

DApp (Decentralized App) Development

With a decentralized framework, make your platform more reliable and transparent for the users, help them evolve with blockchain and trade cheaply.

PR & Marketing PR & Marketing

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development & Integration

The exchange would come with a crypto wallet integrated into its core. With this feature, you can offer much more than your users expect from you.

Coin/Token Development Cryptocurrency Development

Blockchain Development

An option that that makes your business ready for any challenge and we make it suitably feasible as per the needs of your venture for the best results.

Smart Contract Development Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts Development

Developing smart contracts and making them robust for the security of every single transaction, integrating them with the best features as well.

Support Support

Cryptocurrency Exchange Security

Securing the platform with the measures that work and give the best results, maintaining the authenticity and data protection with cutting-edge technology.

Features Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Software

Landing Pag Landing Pag

BAF Exchange Platform

We keep you connected with the external exchanges and add much better aspects when it comes to full liquidity in all the accounts.

ICO Development ICO Development

Connection to External Exchange

It gets better when you directly communicate with the external exchanges who help you with the correct track of influx of the coins.

Roadmapt Roadmap

Wallet Integration

Integrated wallets that make transactions more robust for you and also ensures that the ability to do multisig is intact in all its capability.

Technology Setup Technology Setup

Escrow System

With an escrow, the transactions become much more reliable and you will never have any reason to raise dispute, you get more assurance.

Blockchain Integration Blockchain Integration

Order Matching

Impeccable orders which will help in trade in a seamless fashion and they will also help you maintain an uptrend with consistent profits.

PR & Marketing PR & Marketing

Fund Managment

Management of funds will get better when you secure your trade with a robust platform and it helps you seal the advantages with no risks.

Coin/Token Development Cryptocurrency Development

All Currency Transactions

Your trading doesn’t get barred just because you do are not familiar with English. We make softwares that can handle multiple languages.

Smart Contract Development Smart Contract Development

Any Language

Do not get barred with the language barrier as our platform lets you use your own language including Arabic, Mandarin, Russian ets.

Support Support

Payment Gateway Integration

With the integration of multiple payment gateways, you get the best results as you make payments using credit or debit cars and even fiat.

Admin Backend Panel Admin Backend Panel

Admin Backend Panel

A flawless backend panel helps you streamline the entire process and you can handle every single thing on the platform without any faults.

SEO/SMO Enabled SEO/SMO Enabled

SEO/SMO Enabled

This functionality makes the exchange much more likely to attain more users and it also promotes the brand by making it more noticeable.

Integrated Referral Program Integrated Referral Program

Integrated Referral Program

A referral program gives a chance to the existing users to make more profits by adding new ones, therefore it becomes an essential part.

Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development



  • High Perform
  • Integration with third party services
  • Adaptable Architecture
  • Regularly updated with latest features


  • Intuitive API components
  • User-friendly mechanism
  • Customizable Themes
  • Graphical Reports, Trade Charts etc


  • Regular In-house Checks
  • Dedicated Team of Specialist
  • Additional security with decentralized ledger
  • Two step verification and other protocols

Decentralized Exchange

  • Embedded with decentralized exchange
  • Based on smart contracts
  • Works as a distributed ledger
  • Authenticated and automated with blockchain


  • Well-structured and potent platform
  • Highly detailed database
  • Customizable admin console
  • Gated user access controls

Why Hire Cryptocurrency Exchange Developers?

A professional cryptocurrency exchange developer can drive the process to achieve the best end-result. They give you the most positive outcome with lesser time and resources than you expect. We ensure that your project gives you the a productive output and your business gets ahead with a boost.

Why Hire Cryptocurrency Exchange Developers

The most sought-after features that we make available for you:

  • Generation and management of private keys
  • Creation of wallet addresses
  • Conception of mnemonic phrases
  • Integration of addresses for seamless transfers
  • Sending/receiving of cryptos with the addresses
  • Access to transaction history
  • Availability of monitoring balances

We Have 5 Star Rating

We have earned 5 start rating by industry approved standards. Our projects are considered superbly executed and thoroughly planned.

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