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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Customized and Robust White Label Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development Service

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White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Cryptocurrency wallet is essential for crypto trading just like an exchange. It is something without which, you cannot your digital assets, therefore, its significance cannot be downplayed. The rise of a cryptocurrency wallet development company is obvious as it enables the users to store their digital assets and use them to the fullest. These wallets are developed with the help of professionals who are well-versed at it.

Coin Developer India makes cryptocurrency wallet development more robust and efficient. We ensure that you get a product with which delivers transparency, flexibility, and security all at the same time. Our team gives you what you want and we know how to shape up the whole app and provide a conducive environment to the users. We deliver multicurrency wallet app development for Android and iOS with unmatched quality.

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development Services

We deliver services in a way that it secures the trading and also enables you with better options for making profits. When you are dealing with cryptos, it is very important to have a proper outlook before you start to buy and sell. The multi currency mobile wallet we deliver ensures that you get everything you need.


Starts with signing up or signing in to the account on wallet.

Push Notification

Send alerts to the users immediately after transactions.

Paper wallet import

Does the scanning of the paper wallet.


Setting up of password or pin for securing the account.

Reversal rates

Apprising the users of the updated prices of cryptos.

Familiar addresses

Recognizing the used addresses and suggesting them.

Code Scanner

Sign in the account to make use of the cryptocurrency

Multicurrey Wallet

Multi-cryptocurrecy wallet for send and receive currency

Multi Currency Crypto Wallet Advantages

There are multiple advantages of using a multiple cryptocurrency wallet. It enables you to not just execute transactions, but also to make things in your favor. It helps you get advantages that you may come across easily while exchange tokens on a daily basis, provided you have a robust wallet.

Technology Setup

Multiple Cryptocurrency

It enables to store and deal in multiple currencies which is a must like the number of digital assets is growing very rapidly.

Technology Setup

Detect Duplicate Payments

While placing frequent transactions, users often place duplicate payments for the same coin. This feature prevents you to do so.

Technology Setup

Automatic Session Logout

In case you get busy somewhere without closing app, it automatically logs out after sensing inactivity for a while to maintain security.

Technology Setup

Inflation-Free Investment

The inflation trackers in the platform help you predict your next move, it gives you frequent updates about the fluctuating prices.

Type of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

We provide multi currency crypto wallets that you can easily adopt into your business. We provide sufficient options for you choose according to your requirements.


Web Wallet

These are the wallets which could be accessed on their websites and they perfectly manage your assets with an interactive interface

  • Very quick in completing transactions.
  • Provides an ideal setting for crypto saving.
  • Multiple cryptocurrency transactions are allowed.
  • Direct integration into the exchange is allowed.

Mobile Wallet

Easily accessible through your smartphone as an app, and is also available in all the platforms, makes accessibility better than ever.

Android IOS
  • Able to send and receive payments efficiently.
  • Also, support hardware wallets with QR code scanning.
  • Available on custodial and non-custodial cases both.
  • Available on Android and iOS both with alacrity.

Desktop Wallet

Accessible through a desktop computer and providing the most robust environment for saving cryptos than any other method.

  • User-friendly
  • Comes with a cold storage option that remains offline.
  • Accoutred with private keys.
  • Doesn’t get connected to a third-party server

Hardware Wallet

Secured than all the other wallet types by remaining completely offline. It is also easier than paper wallets and handles fork better.

  • Provides the best mechanism for long-term storage.
  • The safest method for saving coins and tokens.
  • Offers the best environment embedded with features.
  • Stays offline and doesn’t give a chance of security breach.
Looking for a Crypto Wallet Development Services

Whitelabel Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Features

Whitelabel multi-cryptocurrency wallet gives a perfect setting for storage and frequent transactions. It helps every user with plenty of features which makes trading easier than ever and broadens the ambit of cryptocurrency altogether. We ensure that the wallet gives you every useful feature.

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2-factor authentication

This feature ensures that only the registered owner of the wallet could use it sans giving anyone else unauthorized access.

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Paper wallet development

We also make it possible for you to get a paper wallet which ensures security of the coins with a more reliable mechanism.

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Conversion rates

These wallets can also tell you the conversion rates which is a big help in trading, you can plan the buying and selling with it.

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Most used addresses

When a frequent user logs in the system intuitively tracks the account and suggests, it is a very helpful feature for every user.

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QR code scanner

It brings the highest level of security as there is no trace of account or password is left, that’s why it is integrated into wallets.

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Push notifications

Every time you execute a transaction, you get the notification which alerts you about the number of cryptos you are left with.

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Making security better than ever with structures like peer-to-peer and blockchain, ensuring that every coin is guarded very safely.

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Auto denial of duplicate payments

It is very confusing when you are placing transactions frequently, to avoid duplicity of transactions, this feature is very useful.

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Merchant services

Making the whole setup friendly for a trader and ensuring that every segment of the app work in their favor without any risks.

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Transaction history

Transaction history makes it easy for you to trace how much you are earning or losing, it helps you keep a tally of all the activities.

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Favourable session logout

If you forget to logout an active session and do no come to it, the app automatically logs you out to ensure no one else can access it.

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Wallet backup

An effective mechanism for backup which ensures that if you do not lose essential data. It gives you a great level of support.

Why Hire Cryptocurrency Wallet Developers?

By hiring a professional cryptocurrency wallet developer, you ensure that offer a perfect product to your customers. These wallets can also be customized and serve your business the way you want. Our developers ensure that the wallet is up to the mark and designed as per your requirements.

Why Hire Cryptocurrency Wallet Developers

The most sought-after features that we make available for you:

  • Management and generation of private keys.
  • Generation of wallet address
  • Creation of mnemonic phrases
  • Generation of addresses for cryptocurrencies’ transfer
  • Generation of addresses for receiving of cryptocurrencies
  • Availability of transaction history
  • Access to monitoring balances

We have earned 5 start rating by industry approved standards. Our projects are considered superbly executed and thoroughly planned.

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